Services Provided

SolArcRightAngle&ZyTax 5 implementation, licensing and registration Assistance, and motor fuel tax compliance process automation


The company was restructuring and expanding which required assistance with identifying indirect tax compliance requirements, licensing and registration requirements and automating motor fuel tax compliance processes.


  • Determined client’s business operations.
  • Applied taxing jurisdiction requirements to business operations of client.
  • Identified compliance requirements and licensing requirements according to client’s operations.
  • Designed tax solution integrating certificate management, customer setup, tax calculation, tax compliance and general ledger reconciliation.
  • Confirmed scope and detailed work plan with client.
  • Agreed on 威尼斯正版官方’s and client’s roles and responsibilities with compliance.
  • Assigned project tasks to staffs with appropriate level of experience.


  • Successfully implemented tax rules for SolArcRightAngle and ZyTax 5.
  • Tax Certificate management – Facilitated integration to bring relevant information together in a centralized function. Created process for continuous exemption certificate monitoring.
  • Data ownership – facilitated involvement of business users, tax experts and its staff to promote data enrichment with focus on master data management.
  • Developed tax business rules necessary for capturing the transactional data for federal, state, local excise tax purposes.
  • Designed future-state motor fuels tax processes including new motor fuels tax filing requirements for new legal entities using ZyTax software.